The Havana Beach Taco Cleanse

The Havana Beach Taco Cleanse

What if you could lose weight and improve your health by eating nothing but Tacos? 

You may have heard of the “Taco Cleanse” craze. We heard about it, and, naturally, it piqued our interest.

The taco cleanse started with a book which was co-authored by four friends from Austin, Texas, who refer to themselves as “Taco Scientists”.  

While the original book was not actually written as a real “diet” book, the idea quickly caught on, and of course, like us at Havana Beach, many loved the idea of using tacos as a way to eat healthy.

What we, and the enthusiastic masses, soon realised, is that it is totally possible to use tacos as the base for your healthy eating plan. 

There are a number of popular taco cleanse diets doing the rounds – including vegan tacos, gluten-free tacos, and raw filling only tacos.

At Havana Beach, we have a range of delicious taco options that fit right into most taco diets.

We have gluten-free tacos, vegan tacos, vegetarian tacos, high protein bean tacos, fish tacos – if it comes in a taco – we have it. 

The Havana Beach Tips to Taco Cleanse 

 –  One portion is equal to a taco you can hold in your hand

 – Gluten-Free tacos and low carb tacos are good options for special diets

 – Vegan and vegetarian tacos are a great way to cut back on animal fats

 – Fish and chicken tacos are a great way to cut back on red meat

 – Beef tacos are delicious – and one or two between the veggies is okay, too

– When choosing a drink to go with your tacos – remember that Mojitos have fewer calories than beer 😉

Whether you’re serious about following a taco diet or not, there are so many delicious, nutritious options to choose from at Havana Beach,  you’re bound to find the perfect taco for you, and #havanagoodtime doing it.