Havana Beach hosted Taste of Manly’s first restaurant on the beach. 

A delicious weekend on Manly Beach…

This past weekend, we had the great honor of hosting the first ever restaurant in the sand at Manly Beach.

The Northern Beaches Council invited us to be the official restaurant for the 33rd annual Taste of Manly event.

The two-day festival takes place along the Manly Corso and the iconic Manly Beach Front every year. In celebration of the good things in life – food, wine and culture, the festival sports an array of wine and beer stalls, live music and plenty of activities to keep beachgoers (and their kids) entertained.

While there is always an assortment of food vendors at the festival, this is the first time the Northern Beaches Council has allowed for an actual restaurant to be set up in the sand. We jumped at the challenge and put together a beautiful (if somewhat sandy) establishment, complete with wooden chairs and tables, giant cushions, pretty lights, and of course, a fantastic Cuban menu to choose from.

Diners were able to dig their toes into the warm sand while choosing from Havana Beach’s decadent Cuban-style beach menu of tacos, burritos, nachos, and Cuban bowls, as well as some classic Cuban-style cocktails, beers, and ciders.

The weather played along and gave our visitors a spectacular backdrop to the perfect weekend on the beach, with just enough of a warm salty breeze coming off the ocean to whet the appetite and remind us why we celebrate life with good food, good drinks, and good friends.

The weekend came to a close over a romantic beachy sunset, with the magical sounds of live music and the waves rolling gently onto the sand behind us. It was a weekend of laughter, sunshine, and good memories being made on the sand.

We could not have hoped for a better turn out, and are looking forward to the next event. In the meanwhile, we always have something going on at Havana Beach bar and restaurant, so pop in, we’ll be #HavanaGoodTime. 

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